• The Benefits of Leak Detection are Numerous

    in General on 28 June 2016 Comments 0

      The statistics are quite alarming – did you know that South Africa loses in the region of R7 billion in revenue due to water leaks? This in the middle of all the water challenges we are presently facing.   Leak detection plays an integral role in detecting water leaks – needless to say the […]

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  • Hot Water Leak Detection Saves You on Two Fronts

    in General on 3 May 2016 Comments 0

      Leak detection is possibly the best way to save you money – this is especially true on two fronts – if it is a HOT water leak that you have, this could cost you dearly both in electricity as well as water. Both are expensive utilities, plus those unnecessary leaks simply burn a hole […]

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  • Leak Detection Plumbers Role

    in General on 1 March 2016 Comments 0

      It is most certainly true that leak detection plumbers have never played a more important role in the lives of South Africans – here’s how: As the drought in South Africa continues to takes its toll and carries wreaking havoc on thousands of households and farms, everyone is beginning to feel the effects in […]

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  • Save Every Single Drop

    in General on 21 January 2016 Comments 0

    Water Leak Detectors play an ever-important role in saving every single precious drop of water and more so now that we, as South Africans, are facing a devastating drought; perhaps the worst in history. The scary statistics reveal that South Africa’s freshwater resources will be exhausted by 2030 unless we make a concerted effort to […]

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  • Reasons To Choose us as a Plumbing Specialist in Johannesburg

    in General on 15 June 2015 Comments 0

    Plumbing expertise is what you need when things go wrong with your taps, geyser or pipes. Whether it is repairing a burst geyser, detecting a leak that you simply cannot find, or to repair those pesky leaking taps that seem to push up your water bills a couple of notches at the end of the […]

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  • Save Water to Save Money

    in General on 15 June 2015 Comments 0

    The Responsible Thing to Do South Africa’s freshwater resources will be exhausted by 2030 unless we all go the extra mile to use water more responsibly; this is according to the CSIR – The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. To save water we need to start thinking differently about water and treat it as […]

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  • Hot water fix from plumbers

    BBRRRR Need Hot Water

    in General on 4 June 2015 Comments 0

    Getting the most hot water from your geyser. You might ask I have electricity and therefore will have hot water. Yes you are correct however there is one other factor that will allow your geyser to produce hot water more effectively using less electricity. When last was your element serviced? That's right your element. If your geyser [...]

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  • dripping tap

    From Sandra’s Desk

    in Tips on 25 January 2015 Comments 0

    In the first of many blogs I’d like to help you to be aware of situations in your home that you can easy rectify yourself without employing the services of a qualified plumber. Tips for a dripping tap We all tend to over tighten a tap which we notice is dripping - while this seems [...]

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