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Dave Miller Plumbers is a well-known leak detection and repair company in Johannesburg. For over 25 years we have been providing our clients with the best leak detection services available. We are proud of our long history and continue to provide the best leak detection and repair services in Johannesburg.

When you choose Dave Miller Plumbers for all your leak detection requirements, you can be assured of our best attention at all times. We make use of cutting edge leak detection instruments and technology, which allows us to perform leak detection above ground, to minimise the need for exploratory excavation. It also limits the terrain disturbance that is necessary to take care of your leak detection and repair.

Choose a Leading Leak Detection Services Company

Throughout our long history of service we have always concentrated on offering our valued clients the services and solutions they need at affordable rates. At present we have eight teams of plumbers and two experienced teams of leak detection and repair plumbers ready and waiting to provide you with the plumbing services you’re waiting for.

Our administrative staff will make sure a leak detection and repair team is dispatched to your property immediately to help you deal with any plumbing emergency. We continue to place great customer service and permanent, affordable leak detection and repair services at the top of our priorities list. Contact Dave Miller Plumbers today to learn more about our services.

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