Leak Detection Equipment

We have an array of leak detection equipment for different water leaks that are used at domestic and industrial properties:

  1. Sensistor with Gas : Is used to locate an underground leak.  This method uses a gas made of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen. Once the gas comes to the surface and the Sensistor picks up the smell, there is a high pitch noise.  We find the highest pitch and mark it for the plumber.
  2. Acoustic / Listening equipment for walls and floors inside : Is used to locate leaks within a few tiles inside bathrooms and kitchens. The equipment is very sensitive and might not identify the leak if there are leaking toilets, dripping taps, etc.
  3. Moisture / Damp Meter  : Are used when we see dampness on a wall.  By measuring the moisture in the wall we will determine if there is a leaking or sweating pipe.
  4. Thermal Camera : Is used to look for a hot water leak in walls or floors.  This equipment gives you an image of where the hot water pipes run and should there be a leak there will be a spread of the image in the particular area.
  5. Dye Testing : Is used to determine if a waste pipe is leaking or if it is the shower base, shower doors or sealant.  This test does not always work as the dye might not come through the slab.
  6. Pipe Locator used to trace water pipes : Is used to determine where pipes are running.  There are limitations as the equipment picks up the pipe via a radio signal, therefore :
    • It can only trace metal pipes
    • If the pipe is too corroded then the signal will get lost
    • If the pipe is a mixture of metal and plastic, then it won’t be able to trace the pipe.

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