Commercial Plumbing Services

Plumbing Contractors delivering Commercial Plumbing Services

While many of Dave Miller Plumbers’ services are geared towards the domestic sector, we have a specialist division that focuses on plumbing for industrial and commercial organisations. Our plumbing contractors are seasoned in providing the plumbing installation and repair services that organisations and businesses require.

Our plumbing contractors’ services include:

  • Maintenance – toilets, taps, blockages, water reticulation systems
  • Burst pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Solar and electrical geysers
  • Plumbing renovations
  • Leak detection – gas detection, thermal camera, tracing of drains and acoustic equipment
  • Remedial building work – bricking up, plastering, tiling, waterproofing

We can also assist with mapping your property’s pipe system for future use. Our leak detection services enable us to detect the location of the leak above ground, helping to minimise the need for excessive explorative excavation and terrain disturbance.

Choose a Leading Plumbing Installation Contractor in Johannesburg

Since 1989, Dave Miller Plumbers has grown to become one of the preferred plumbing contractors for organisations in search of a complete plumbing installation solution. We continue to lead our industry in excellence and provide our valued clients with the expert plumbing solutions they’ve come to expect.

Using the latest plumbing technology along with our many years’ experience in the industry, our  plumbing contractors will provide you with value-adding plumbing services. To learn more about our plumbing contractors and to find out how you can benefit from our services, contact Dave Miller Plumbers today.

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