The Benefits of Leak Detection are Numerous


The statistics are quite alarming – did you know that South Africa loses in the region of R7 billion in revenue due to water leaks? This in the middle of all the water challenges we are presently facing.


Leak detection plays an integral role in detecting water leaks – needless to say the plumbing industry is having to step up their game as they are being faced with the responsibilities of attending to the leaks that occur in homes, industries and numerous other areas where leaks occur.


The cost of leak detection as well as the repairs carried out can easily be calculated – for singular leaks the amount that is lost over a period of time should be multiplied by the cost of that water – this will be the rand amount. Always calculate and budget for any hidden costs as well.

Because almost 30% of all water pumped through distribution systems are lost due to leaks, the benefits of leak detection cannot be stressed enough.


As territories that require water services develop and the costs of extracting and distributing water increases, water loss represents an essential factor in conserving this commodity and also needs to be factored into any budgeting.


Water lost from leaking pipes and recovered through expert leak detection technology will impact positively on any infrastructure expansion and other projects by years – literally.

It is imperative to implement a reliable leak detection programme that will impact immediately on water conservation programmes, revenue and profitability projections as well as water efficiency in general.

Benefits of leak detection and efficient repairs could also include:

  • Property damage is reduced and there will be a reduction in liability; furthermore there will be a positive impact on your insurance premiums.


  • Environmental quality is improved.  
  • Increased firefighting capabilities.
  • Elevated and efficient use of existing supplies.
  • Reduce risk of contamination of water.


Instead of sustaining the ongoing costs of water losses and waiting for leaks to surface – often with disastrous results, become proactive by using professional leak detectors.

State-of-the-art leak detection technology enables utilities to manage non-revenue water and avert costly pipe failures.

Maximise water supply availability by detecting emergent and pre-existing leaks immediately through the use of expert leak detectors.


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